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Qualifying for Nationals:

American Youth Football has 9 Regions, they are the: Desert Pacific, Mountain Northwest, Mid-West, Central Midwest, Southwest, Big-East, Atlantic, New England and Southeast.

Regional tournaments are played in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving weekend. Each Region is responsible for scheduling their own Regional Tournament, dates therefore may vary accordingly. Find information on each Region at

The first place team in each division from each Regional Tournament automatically qualify and receive a berth to play in the American Youth Football National Championship tournament.

For more information on qualifying contact the National Football Commissioner

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Tournament Division Classifications Click Here

Mitey-Mite teams are invited to participate in the National Champions Tournament as an Invitational Division. Mighty-Mite teams will be guaranteed two games. For qualifications in either the Mitey-Mite or Conference All Star Divisions please contact

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Wild Card Berths:

Wild Card berths are available for the American Youth Football National Championships. Please contact AYF National Football Commissioner at

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Additional Rules:

Find AYF Official Rules in the AYF Rules and Regulations Manual. Rule Books can be downloaded at

Jersey Requirements: All Teams are required to bring TWO (2) jerseys. One dark jersey for all home teams, and teams designated visitors will wear white jerseys. If a team doesn’t have two (2) jerseys, they must notify AYF headquarters, prior to arriving, so special arrangements can be made.

Mandatory Accommodation Requirement: All Participants must stay at Approved hotels, see the approved hotel list on this website found under the "Travel and Accommodation" link.

Mandatory Play Roster Requirement: All teams must bring an Official completed MRP Form printed from the roster section at (click here for download instructions). All Teams must also assign TWO MPR Officials for the tournament.

Academic Institution Letter: This letter is to help provide proof of our event to any teachers, principals or school districts that may need it. (click here to download the letter)

Wilson AYF Football Usage: The Wilson AYF logo'd football is the Exclusive Football or AYF Tournament and Competitions. All Games will be played with this football, each team will receive a game ball on-site or they can use their own Wilson AYF football. (Shop for the official football click here).


All Game Rules are outlined in the AYF Official Rules Book (at

Past Champions:

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